About Us

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through the preached word and following His example. HOP strives to meet people where they are by providing the community with encouragement and assistance to the development of a lasting and life changing relationship with Christ. We are called to impact our community with the message of Love and Forgiveness.

Love God and Love People: To demonstrate the power of love and compassion through the teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ. To be a beacon of help, a servant of the people, and a refuge of hope and support to the community. House of Purpose Ministries is committed to assisting in the restoration of a community that many do not believe can be restored.

Our Story

In December 2013, House of Purpose Ministries was founded in the small community of Bassett, VA with the mission to love God and to love people. The ministry started in the living room of the home of our pastor, to an 1800 square foot retail storefront space, and currently to a 40,000 square foot church. The growth due to faith and trust in God and support from the community both near and far.
House of Purpose strives to be a melting pot of different ages, races, social and economic backgrounds, education, careers, and life experiences.

Although in 2020, the world was dealing with a pandemic, it did not halt the ministry of House of Purpose. In fact, the ministry increased by providing daily ministry using Facebook as the platform. When many churches’ doors were closed and many individuals found themselves feeling isolated and depressed, House of Purpose stepped out of the box and began ministering to the community using the virtual platform. On a daily basis, the pastor and his wife were present for an hour to offer inspiration, hope, and motivation to the community. Now, in 2022, House of Purpose continues its virtual ministry in correlation with traditional services.

“Love God; Love People” is not just a slogan of House of Purpose. It is a way of life for the pastor and the members. The members of House of Purpose show love through the virtual format, in person services, and/or through providing a helping hand to individuals in the community.

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Pastor C.J. Martin

Our Pastor

I’m Pastor C.J. Martin and I want to welcome you to House of Purpose. We’re a community that loves Jesus, each other and you! We’re a place where everyone can freely worship God in their own way.

We opened House of Purpose to allow believers of Jesus Christ to come together to Love God according to his word. I wanted to create a place of worship that has no respect of person. I pray that God will use us to care for anyone who may be going through the storms of life to give them hope, encouragement, compassion and power with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ to live an abundant life.

We would love to have you and your family join us at one of our weekly services or programs. We offer great programs for all ages. I am looking forward to meeting you here at House of Purpose and assisting you in your walk with Christ.

Pastor Martin